Pi4 video streaming bit rate

So i do not know if this is possible, I have read some using ffmpeg on the 3+, but requires a bit of work in the background and the Pi can handle it. I was wondering if, escaicaily, on the Pi4, maybe the Devs could work in h.264 or h.265 encoding for the video stream. I like to be able to pull up my stream while i am at work, or just not home. I have Fiber at home, so i have the bandwidth, but it uses 35-40Mbps... so unless i have a very good signal on my cell phone, since my work internet is not that fast to download, i can't really check in. well see some jumping around, but not more than that. I have played with the quality for a couple days i have it down to using 6-7 Mbps which is a little more manageable. but that is with putting the FPS at 15 and putting the quality at 10%. really cutting down the video stream and effecting the time lapse.

long story short, can the devs implement something, or has someone here already found a better option, or something else that works. I am using the pi cam v2, also with resolution turned down 1640X1232 and the only reason for the odd size is to not get the zoomed in FOV effect that it is well known for.

I would appreciate any help someone may offer on this.

I seem to recall that this guide provided an h264 solution.