Ping but no connection

I am trying to set up Octoprint on our school network (I am an instructor and have admin rights) via ethernet.
The Pi connects to the network and gives me a valid IP that pings fine but I cannot connect to it using octopi.local or IP either one.

I tried downloading a different version of Octoprint, I also tried renaming the PI but I still have the same issue.

IT has check everything to be sure it isn't a firewall issue and it appears to be in the PI itself not allowing the connection.

Any suggestions on what to do next are appreciated.

Just to be sure - are we talking about Octoprint itself or the OctoPi image for pis?

Octoprint is the software and OctoPi is a ready to use image with Octoprint preinstalled.

Octopi 0.18.0
I haven't seen the Octoprint software yet because I can't connect to the PI to access it.

I have a monitor and keyboard on the Pi and just notice that there is a "Failed to start Host Name Service" error on boot-up

Anything from dmesg?

I think I have found the problem but don't know how to fix it.
The etc/hosts file does not show the Pi's IP and I can't add a host in the file because of it being write protected.
If I go through raspi-config and change host name then it DOES NOT change the etc/hosts file when I reboot.
Anyone know how to remove the write protection on the SD card root?