Pip Command cannot be found grrr

I'm getting the PIP command can not be found error. I tried doing the SSH command I saw on the web but that didn't work. Can someone please walk me through it? would it be easier to just reflash Octoprint on my SD and start over? I only have one printer.


Hello @Corey_Johnson !

In what context?

What command and where did you found it?

There was a template what you opened this thread (where is it gone?) that among other things asked for the systeminfo bundle.

Please attach that to your next post.

when I go to update the plugin it says at the top PIP command not found. I looked this up and someone posted how to go into the command prompt and paste something to try and fix it.

Please attach the systeminfo bundle to your next post

octoprint-systeminfo-20230422205814.zip (78.8 KB)
here is the file

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