Place to set gcode startup codes

Cura 4.8.2

A general question. My Cura has some initialization codes for a print. Octoprint can have that too. Would it be useful (because I only print with Octoprint), to clear all Cura gcode settings in the printer setup and have all the gcodes set in Octoprint to the gcode script "Before print job starts" ?

Just found out, creality Cura 4.8 just puts the startup g-codes back when you want to print. So, not working.

Hello @Bart31 !

I would leave them in Cura anyway. Because, if for some reason, you want to print from the printer's SD card, you have them in the gcode file.


The other advantage of leaving the start gcode in Cura is that there are variables (like temperatures) that can be substituted when an object is sliced.

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