Please help me make the voices stop…

What is the problem?

There is this voice. Torturing me. Approximately every 60 seconds. It’s telling me to upgrade to Python 3….

What did you already try to solve it?

I looked at the upgrade pathway and decided (due to the fact I’m still on OctoPi 0.15 and would have to reinstall everything from scratch) that I literally do not care if I never receive an update for OctoPrint or any of my plugins ever again. I am perfectly content with how things currently work. I may re-evaluate this in the future, but for now it does everything I could possibly need and my singular gripe is this apparently immutable warning that won’t leave me alone. My instance is not exposed to the internet, I do not care about security risks, I just want to print.

Please, someone, tell me there is some way I can disable this warning…

For google: how to disable python 2 warning octoprint

Alright, well. If anyone else has this problem (obviously it's just me who is too lazy to upgrade since I have seen nobody else complaining) here's how to fix it (poorly and lazily)

SSH into your pi. The default user is pi and the default password is raspberry. Because you were too lazy to change it, just like you were too lazy to upgrade... right? Get some root. "sudo su" and type your password.

Now "vi /home/pi/oprint/lib/python2.7/site-packages/octoprint/static/js/app/dataupdater.js" or whatever version of python you have idk. I'm not your dad.

type "/You are" to find the offending alert.

At the end of the if statement "if (PYTHON_VERSION && PYTHON_VERSION.startsWith("2.")) {" add a && false

like this: "if (PYTHON_VERSION && PYTHON_VERSION.startsWith("2.") && false) {"

hit escape. type ":wq!" hit enter. type exit. hit enter. type exit. hit enter. Go. Enjoy peace and quiet.

or just go ahead and upgrade...the process is fairly painless of creating a backup, downloading said backup, flash SD card with latest octopi image, restore backup.

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