Please somehow notify everyone fixes for common octoprint upgrade problems

I had an upgrade to 1.7.0 problem and posted here about it. Six or seven responses later someone found out how to get past the problem. Now I went to upgrade my python and found the solution listed at the top of the python upgrade guide. This is the wrong place. The problems were upgrading octoprint not python. These are the fixes that were listed ...

  1. My OctoPrint update fails with "ImportError: cannot import name NullHandler"
  2. Trying to update OctoPrint on OctoPi 0.16 gives me an "AssertionError" about "assert have_directory_for_build", how do I solve this?

Can someone please somehow show these to everyone somewhere they would see be before trying to upgrade octoprint? It would have saved me a ton of work preparing my post and googling.

I've pinned a general topic to the whole forum now as a banner, created and pinned an issue with the same contents to the issue tracker, thrown it as a PSA on Twitter and Discord. There is no way for me to push a warning to everyone attempting to upgrade, and even if there was these cases don't affect everyone but only a very select few, so it really would not be fair to spam everyone for issues that have been explained for months now in the FAQ and are even more easily found now thanks to all of the above recent changes.

There's only so much hand holding that can be done, at some point people really have to use the search function.


This post:

Was made a banner on the forums across every single page 4 hours ago. That was after your problems were posted, and in fact created in response to those problems being repetitively posted by users (not just you). We can't do much more - the reason you found them after your problems upgrading was because it did not exist before, so we could not have showed it to you.

Wow. You are psychic and responded before my post.

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