Plugin for camera setup

hi would it be posible to have a plugin to allow easyer setup of cameras, for people like me who want to add more than one camera but dont have the skill/understanding to be able to do it .
is it posible .

Not super easy. The new camera stack OctoPi image has come a long way in making that process easier though with simple command lines via SSH though.

hi is it posible to install the camera stack seperatly as i have octoprint running on my pi4 not octopi .
i couldnt figure out how to get two usb cams to work with the mjpg thingy.

i have managed to install just the camera stack on a spare pi zero 2w but can only get 1 usb camera to work with it , i was hoping to figure out how to do it before installing the stack on my pi 4 as cant install octopi on that as have other things installed eg- node red,mqtt,cast-web-api, smartthings edgebridge.
any advice would be much apreciated.

Check the adding cameras section in the faq Camera-streamer configuration on the new camera stack for OctoPi not sure if there's a super easy way to add the additional tools used for this or not to existing pi.

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