Plugin or Setting to show/use estimated time remaining FROM Prusa?

In the Prusa firmware, G-Code M73 will return the estimated time remaining based on the current feedrate inside the Prusa firmware.

Modifying the speed factor/feed rate multiplier inside OctoPrint does not seem to affect the speed factor internal to the Prusa printer, so I have to modify the speed factor directly inside the Prusa printer. This understandably reduces the estimated print time on the Prusa screen.

However, this is not reflected on OctoDash or OctoPrint.

Is there a plugin or setting available to show or update the estimated time remaining reported inside OctoPrint based on the estimated time remaining reported FROM Prusa MK3 printers, based on G-Code M73?

Or is this something I will need to write myself?

There are several.

My guess is you want this one.

Looks like the exact one I want.

When I saw that in the repository I had a vague memory of installing it and it not working, but I may have had a conflicting plugin installed.

I've greatly simplified my installation now, so I'll try it again.


Unfortunately it looks like neither of those plugins work. It's either not parsing the M73 response correctly, or it may just have some other issue.

The M73 implementation inside the Prusa firmware is also strange. It appears to unconditionally send the time remaining for both "silent" and normal modes, even with silent mode is disabled. I've modified the firmware to only respond with whatever mode is active to reduce delays from unneeded serial comms.

I'll go ahead and just implement a solution myself, as I've already written a custom serial interface in Python which I use to compress g-code going to the firmware. It's made it easy to add features which respond directly to incoming g-code.

Yeah, I was reading your plugin implementation for MeatPack. Very cool concept.

Yes I've finished a build of the firmware and the plugin here, if you want to try:


It achieves a 0.61 compression ratio without virtually any CPU overhead on the firmware side.

I added JS to the OctoPrint plugin too, so it adds stats to the "State" side-bar, and updates them in real-time.

Ah, so only works with special PrusaFirmware fork? I don't use Prusa to start off with.

Currently, but the Prusa Firmware is pretty close to Marlin. I may fork Marlin as well and make the changes on the firmware side (they're pretty minor), but I'd have to find a Marlin-compatible printer to verify it works right.

You might want to see if @InsanityAutomation is interested, the primary maintainer of the TinyMachines Marlin fork.