Plugin to deal with SerialException?

What is the problem?

I have problem with occasional SerialException on my E3v2. I have Octo installed on old netbook running Raspbian (taped 5V pin on USB - I think it started happening somewhere after I did this, but does not make much sense that it could cause it - so I did not try to remove tape). It happens usually only on longer prints (that drives me crazy even more when it ruins big model).

What did you already try to solve it?

changed usb cable
switched usb port
installed archWelder

These are things within my skill boundaries.

What I noticed is that I can very easily reconnect right after error. I read somewhere that Octo knows last command that it sends before error - so I was thinking could this be solved by plugin that would attempt to reconnect right after error and just continue sending commands?


Thank you for reply.

I fully understand your concerns however it does not really need to be 'silent'. User would need to enable it and also there could be very visible notification that it happened during the print.

For me (and I am sure not only me) that would be for sure good compromise even if that makes melted point in my print (from nozzle stopping for a second). When I think of how much time I spend on blind investigation and also cost related to that - that is definitely way to go.

I dont say it needs to be embedded in Octo but I would weight such a plugin with gold.

A printer reset is way more than a melted point...

Understand, but not all printers. For example my E3v2 does not reset (at least in my understanding) - fans, bed and also nozzle stay operational after SerialException. It also has a recovery after power outage (but I guess only printing from SD).

The don't reset after SerialExeption, they reset on re-establishing the serial/USB connection.

The older 8-bit boards do, most newer 32bit ones don't reset when a USB connection is established.

I can see the arguments for this idea, but I suspect it would just be blindly installed by anyone who had the issue, probably not understanding it.


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