Plugins folder not unique to Octoprint instance

What is the problem?
I'm running multiple instances of Octoprint on my Raspberry Pi and it appears the plug-ins folder isn't unique to each instance.
Would it be possible to break it out into a plug-ins folder specific to each instance like the timelapse folder and could you make the settings editable in the settings manager under the folders group?

Try the file manager plugin FileManager it offers a few more advanced features over the ones that come built into octoprint, I think it can move files around (though not 100% sure).

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I don't think this is about the uploads folder management. It sounds like we're talking about the plugins folder contents being the same when there are multiple instances of OctoPrint.

It may be necessary to create plugins2, plugins3 and edit each instance. I'm not sure where one might do this.

Yes, that's correct. The plug-ins folder should be accessible for each instance individually.

You might want to review this write-up to see if the guy ever addresses it there.