Possible bug/s in the Octoprint Disk Imager

I have just tried to make a new Octopi image onto a uSD card for use with a RPi 4B.
I found the menu item to setup the wifi SSID and Password and entered the correct values, but after making the disk image onto a new uSD card, I found that the wifi details had not been transferred to the wpa_supplicant file. I was forced to edit the file by hand and it now works.

Is it possible that the Macbook Pro M1 is not allowing transfer of my data to the image, or is this a reportable bug?

Also in the Disk Imager menus there doesn't seem to be a way to setup the camera, prior to making the disk image. As with the wifi, hand editing the image is possible and it's now working.
Is this an omission or am I doing something wrong?

Please don't tell me to use a different imager, I want to use the Octoprint one.

There is no OctoPrint imager, what you are using sounds like the official Raspberry Pi Imager. So if there's a bug there, you should take this to its repository at GitHub - raspberrypi/rpi-imager. To rule out that this is a an issue with just the OctoPi image specifically, also test with the standard raspberry OS image.

Did you boot up the image?

The way the Raspberry Pi Imager works is by creating a script that runs on first boot to copy all those settings into the relevant files. So the individual files are not created with the details in them, you have to boot it up first.

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Yeah, you're right of course. I meant the Raspberry Pi imager.

Thanks for that. No, I didn't boot the image, I just checked the supplicant file in the FAT32 partition.
I'll remember that in future. :slight_smile:

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