Power loss recovery with OP?

Quick Question - Why doesn't octoprint seem to support power loss recovery while it's standard with marlin SD prints? I couldnt find a plugin.

Main answer is buffers. I'm not going to go into much detail, since a quick search should find someone somewhere who has talked about this.

It's very difficult to know exactly where the printer is, because the serial connection is not real time control, the moves are buffered by the printer. If you look at the gcode viewer, you will notice it is out of sync, for example. It would not be a great experience, and with limited resources it's not something that has ever been pursued, there's more important things.

The ideal would be a plugin for a UPS or something - those exist, though not on the repository as far as I know. OctoPrint could stop sending, clear the buffer then shut down gracefully, saving it's position. 'Power panic' functions are far better than the 'Creality' way of doing PLR, which is by writing the position to the SD card constantly. You have a high chance of filesystem corruption if you are regularly writing and the power goes out.


Thanks man it seemed simple until I tried to abort a leveling procedure only to discover it's impossible as it's in a for loop with one break condition. It occurred to me there isn't a simple answer. Maybe I'll code one but I doubt.