Power supply fan continues to run after print finishes


Hi all...
I’m using an Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus and Octoprint does as it should up until the end. The print finishes, the effector homes, both the bed and the hotend shut down, but the power supply continues to run. It’s not waiting to cool down, as the print could be finished for hours and the fan will continue to run. It is only when I home the effector once again that the fan will finally stop.

I’m running the most current Octoprint build on a recently purchased Pi B, the same setup I run on my Tornado where the power supply fan will/does stop after printing.

Related topic...sort of. When using my iPhone to control Octoprint, the control functions are missing from the web browser, thus rehoming the print head remotely is not possible. The camera image is there and live, but the control buttons are missing.


Do you use the Enclosure Plugin to control the PS fan? Or do you control it in another way?
If it is a function of the firmware, you could put another gcode script for homing to the effector to the OctoPrint srcipts.


I do not use any additional plugins to control the fan. Whatever is baked into the current gcode is what governs the build and shut down. I am desparately trying to understand the software/firmware part of printing, but it's a pretty steep learning curve.Gcode is just another piece of the puzzle I'm attempting to wrap my head around.


You could always post the last part of your gcode and let others take a look at it, or just slice something small like a 10x10x10mm cube and post the entire gcode (use a site like pastebin to host large blocks of code).

I don't have any experience with that printer but I would guess a power supply fan is most likely either controlled by some thermo switch separate from everything (some power supplies have fans in them that aren't actually able to be controlled, they just come and go depending on heat / PSU load), or it's controlled by your firmware to only operate when the hot end is on, and the firmware is obviously forgetting to turn it off. That's just my guess though, both could be totally wrong.