Power switch for OctoPi via GPIO pins



i want to switch on/off my raspberry via a simple switch.
Ive found a howto but it did not work for me.

Any idea how i can realize this with OctoPi running?

Thanks, regards Tom



the article above describes only how you can "halt" the R-Pi and "wake" it up again. The R-Pi hardware has no circuit that would actually disconnect power as such. You would need some external circuit that waits for a GPIO pin to have a certain state, wait for x seconds and then cut power. One way of doing that would be here:

The above is rather elaborate and can do a bunch more. If you are happy with a 2 step approach then you can use the way from the article that you looked at in your initial post and simply switch off power after "halt" is reached, the R-Pi will automatically boot again once power is restored.

Have FuN!
Jan P.

Also IDK about the "wake" button, never tried that. I actually never shut down my Pis to start with :wink:


I was searching a bit on Google what other options except Speely Pi are available. Apart from home build things with a Microcontroller (PIC, Arduino etc...) there is another ready made add on called MoPi 2 which is less elaborate and cheaper.

Looks pretty OK as well. Every board will however need some form of script running on the PI to initiate the shutdown on system level. So no way around a bit of scripting.

Jan P.


Or this...