Predator/Duet 2 wifi with OctoPrint to run a Palette 2 Pro?


I have an Anycubic Predator (Delta) running on an Duet 2 wifi board with a Duet Smart effector, the printer works very well now but to be able to work with colors I bought a Palette 2 S Pro and installed OctoPrint (latest version) on a Raspberry B+ because the Palette 2 S Pro has to work with OctoPrint.

OctoPrint is running on the pi via wifi and I can connect to the Predator (Duet) with OctoPrint, hotend and bed temp works, homing also, but when I do some test moves I get next error

"Your printer's firmware reported an error. Due to that OctoPrint will disconnect. Reported error: G0 / G1: target position not reachable from current position"

When I dive into the internet I don't see any setups that use OctoPrint in combination with Duet 2 wifi, so I wonder if this will be a good marriage at all !!

The question is, can this work? or should I give this up and return the Palette 2 S Pro and spend my hard earned money elsewhere?

Btw, I'm a noob in the field of programming and quite new to the 3D printer field, so rocket science isn't really my thing :wink:

Greetings and thanks in advance,

the Netherlands

So, just to be sure you are aware, the Palette 2 has an sd card slot on it that you can use to put canvas sliced gcode files into the palette. The palette then connects to the duet directly and you print from the palette interface and it should work.

I do not have any experience with reprapfirware that the duet uses, but based on your error, you sure that there isn't just some arbitrary nozzle wipe line or something in your gcode that is outside the bounds of the printer, which in turn is causing that error?

Have you confirmed with palette that it is reprapfirmware compatible?

The problem is solved, brought the Palette 2 S Pro + Canvas Hub S back to the shop, for that kind of money things should just work, or at least have a good tutorial where everything is tackled.

LOL, canvas hub is just a repackaged/themed OctoPrint.