Prevent upload for some users

Hello all,

I'm looking for a way to prevent users from uploading files so that I have a canonical set of files (hopefully editable by the admin), but users can only print / pause / etc., but cannot replace these files.

If this doesn't exist, which is what I suspect, is this doable from a plugin?

Thank you in advance

tarek : )

It's certainly possible to write a plugin that would restrict some users in this and many other ways. How many printers do you have? Is this a printer farm or 3D printing company?

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I work with a group that creates low cost medical devices. We have several people working with us, and on occasion they might try to fix problems by uploading files. This is not strictly a problem, but since we're making Health Canada-approved devices, we need to exercise stricter control over the files to ensure quality and monitor iterations.

We only have 5 printers at the moment, but scaling to 10 in the next few weeks.

I created the GitFiles plugin in the hopes of applying source-control behavior to 3D printers. You might want to look into this workflow option.

This—combined with blocking the ability to upload into OctoPrint directly—is probably the solution you might consider. Note that with the Themeify plugin you can hide the Upload button in the Files widget.