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Hi all,

This is my first post/question here, so I do hope I've selected the right place to post it. I did try to find a solution for my question both in this forum and elsewhere, but so far came up empty. Still, I cannot believe that I'm the only one wanting this feature, so I do think it's just me not finding the right option or mechanism to turn it on ...

What am I talking about? Well, every print I do is recorded either by OctoLapse or the normal timelapse or both. Those end up as nice MP4 files on the OctoPrint server and I can download those and play them in VLC, but ... why do I have to download them? Any browser can playback MP4 h.264 files (which is what things are rendered as in my case), so I would love just being able to click a recording in the OctoPrint UI and then having it playing in a popup, but I cannot find a way to get that functionality. I have tried feeding the URL OctoPrint offers to a VIDEO tag as src attribute and that works fine, so it should be pretty easy for the OctoPrint UI to offer this; no? So, is there any option or plug-in offering this? Any other way I could get this?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!
Happy 3D printing!

There's no plugin that I'm aware of that can do this, but like you wouldn't be too difficult to create one for that purpose.

Here you go, threw this one together for you. You can install using the URL below in plugin manager's > Get More > ... from URL field and click Install.


I couldn't get the disabled binding on the button to work right so I set it to error out on non-mp4 filetypes.

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I'm running a long print right now, but will try it out tomorrow morning and if it works (which I'm sure it will), I'll flag this as the answer. Am I the only one seeking this functionality?

Anyway, super thanks @jneilliii !

I submitted a PR to core OctoPrint for enabling a previewer, was able to resolve the disabling part for non mp4 files too. Hopefully it gets merged in for you.

Hi @jneilliii,

The plugin works great for me, but there is a small caveat, which I think could play a role for merging: OctoLapse by default seems to use a DivX encoder and at least my mobile Chrome didn't want to play those timelapses. The normal timelapse recordings from OctoPrint itself work great and I have now changed OctoLapse to use h.264, but need another print to verify that. Just wanted to let you know this.

As for me, I'm super happy with this plugin. Less than 24h after asking a question, there's a solution to it implemented! This is great! Again, super thanks!

Well, if it's working with the default h.264 I'm pretty sure it'll be merged, after some updates I'm sure. Glad to assist. I do stuff like this fairly often and am one of the more active plugin developers. Consider becoming a Patron or leaving a tip.

Hey @jneilliii, I wanted to leave a tip, but those Paypal fees are really outrageous. They're basically charging as much as the tip ... How can it be that I can order electronics or other stuff from China for less than €1 including shipping and payment with Paypal, but if I want to send a couple of € to you, it would cost more in Paypal fees than you would get? Seems like a ripoff to me ... Do you have any more efficient tip mechanisms where I'm paying you and not the bank?

Just that, patreon or github sponsorship. It's not a problem though, no tip necessary.

@jneilliii, looking at all the plugins of you on my OctoPrint, you're definitely worth it. Sorry for what PayPal skimmed, but it should still get you a couple of beers! Thanks, man!

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