Print abort delay and Printing after aborting


What is the problem?
so i experience two different behaviours with my Octopi running on a raspberry 4 connected to skr 1.4 turbo with marlin 2.0.1 bugfix. Connection is through uart (Tx,Rx pins).

  1. When i try to abort a print from octopi it aborts with a decent delay, like 30 sec.

  2. If i abort the print from the Ender control display, print stops for a second and then continues to print. But the menu on the control display shows that no printing is happening. Octopi still sending commands to the printer and it continues to print.

What did you already try to solve it?
Tried re-flash marlin with different baud rates. I have no idea what can cause such a behaviour.

i would appreciate your help

Thank you

That's because the printer got a few commands in his buffer and they will be executed before the cancel command is processed.
Try this plugin :slight_smile:

That's a firmware thing and tbh I don't know what to do about it. I would simply switch the power switch :slight_smile:

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