Print finishes but octopi shows its still printing


My octopi on a Rasberrypi 3B will print fine and finish the print but it will say that there are a few min left in the print the progress bar shows 100% the printer will cool down but the print wont show up in the log as if its still printing

I have tried restarting the octopi and made sure all my plugins and octopi are up to date when prompted to update


What octoprint version are you on and what printer and firmware version? Are you doing and SD print or starting from octoprint?

There was an issue I think with Marlin 1.1.8 and octoprint 1.3.6 when doing and SD print. This was fixed I think in octoprint 1.3.7.


This issue just started randomly and I’m starting the print with OctoPrint octopi version 1.3.8
Firmware on the printer is the one that came with the mono price maker select plus that added the leveling feature


It'll be fixed in the 1.3.9 release.


Any idea when that will be released


When it's done. And tested. And confirmed stable.