Print from SD card is paused

When I start a print from SD card, and Octoprint is connected, the print quickly enters the state "paused".
When Octoprint isn't connected, it prints.
When I send this Gcode through Octoprint to the printer, it prints.

Octopi Version: 1.4.0
Raspi: Model 4B
Connection: Via USB
Printer: Prusa MK3S
Printer Firmware: 3.9.0

Print_from_SD-Card_is_paused.log (4.4 KB)

Hello @Heiko!

I don't know what slicer you use and what is in the start gcode section, but
G21 and M108 are not supported by Prusa:

so the printer is complaining by cancelling the print

Hello @Ewald_Ikemann,
thanks for answering.
I see I have to clarify, that the source of the Gcode is Prusa itself. The file is one of the MK3 Sample Gcodes, named "MK3_PLA_3DBenchy_150um_2H.gcode".
And as I meant to say in my original message: There is no slicer involved. I start the print from SD card and it works fine, when Octoprint is NOT connected. It does NOT, when Octoprint IS connected.
It seems not to be the printer, that causes the pause.

Can you share the gcode, please?

Hello @Deses,
here's the Gcode in a zip (1.0 MB)