'Print' instant starts without heating

I am having a problem where I click print and the print just starts I know there are two others but they just ended and have turned dead so wanted to start it again.

I have tried some g-code something like G-- T0 190C to preheat the nozzle in the g-code and it didn't work not sure whats happened seems more like a octoprint thing.

Here is my log: octoprint.log (75.1 KB) I hope it works please say if it doesn't.

I am using the latest firmware, Anycubic i3 Mega-S, Raspberry Pi Camera V2, Raspberry pi 3B and I am using a list of plugins like navbar temp, simple emergency stop, bed level thing, thingiverse tab, full screen webcam, octolapse, polarCloud and I think that's it, please help want to get back to printing.

Can you share your full gcode start script, or even a full gcode file?

AI3M_face_mask_strap_small_gcode.gcode (508.2 KB)

There made a smaller version of the masks as some friends were asking for smaller ones for their smaller heads. But just won't heat up when I click print, via octoprint.

Have you already tried in safemode?

I actually havnt will try that tomorrow what does safe mode do?

Safemode disables temporarily all unnecessary plugins.

So your print starts with a cold hotend?
Everything moving and the extruder skipping?

If that's the case your firmware is missing the PREVENT_COLD_EXTRUSION setting.
Here a wiki page with all information you need to check if it's enabled and how to enable it if it isn't.
I would use something between 170 - 180 °C.

That's no solution for your problem but you should check it :slight_smile:

I am using Anycubics Offical Firmware so I dont think theyd missing somthing like that and it was working before so not like its just going to forgot a line of firmware

Just restarted in safe mode and it worked. But how do I find what plugin caused it?

Turns out to have been octolapse going to change some settings to fix it, thanks for the help. So I am going to close this, thanks.

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Hahahahahahahahaha :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Apologies, but if you'd seen what printer vendors have missed, broken, forgotten in their firmware and how broken some of them ship their own products, you'd probably never again sleep well.


Lol, yeah it turns out it was because i had it on test mode on octoprint

I had the same problem, turns out the logging in Octolapse has to be set to none. The diagnostic modes enable this behavior. Happy Lapsing.