Print nozzle MELTING my prints!


When i select "print one at a time" and have a different temp set for first layer (75, then 65), the nozzle will sit where it finished until print bed has heated back up to 75 for the next first layer.

Problem is of course that the hot nozzle is sitting on top of my print melting a defect into it

No sure if this issue is with octoprint? or the slicing software im using (cura 3.2.1)?
Ideally after the first model is done, while the bed reheats to 75 for next first layer, the nozzle should lift its self up on the Z axis, even just 5 or 10mm



Definitely the latter. OctoPrint doesn't produce gcode. It simply streams to your printer what you tell it to print. See also

You need to find a way to tell your slicer to park the head at a safe spot in between objects while waiting for temperatures to heat. Haven't used Cura in ages so can't tell you how though.


Cura has som idiotic bugs like that. Have the same issue with double extruders, Cura decides that it is a good idea to stop ON the model and wait for the new nozzel to get up to temperature.