Print speed not transferring to printer via OctoPrint 1.4.0

I'm using Cura 4.7.1 to create my GCodes, but when I upload it via OctoPrint and start my prints the print speeds I set aren't being transferred to the printer. It stays at 100mm/s for all my prints. I'm using Ender 3 pro as my printer and I have not installed any additional plugins in OctoPrint. Any ideas?

Note: Printing from the SD card works fine.

Is the feed rate on your printer at 100%? You can send M220 in the terminal tab to find out what it's set at.

I believe it is. However, when I send M220 to the printer via the terminal I don't get anything back, see screenshot.

I'm confused. The original post says print speeds are not transferring and the response is what is the feed rate? BTW, M220 without any parameters do not return the current value on my printer (LulzBot TAZ 6).

Getting back to the original issue, can you post the .gcode for a simple model that exhibits this problem?

Sorry @b-morgan, but my understanding is that feed rate (not flow rate) effects print speed. Newer Marlin firmware will respond with the current value if you send the command without parameters.

No need to be sorry. My understanding of feed rate is that it is a multiplier applied to each speed specified in the .gcode. The original poster seems to imply that with OctoPrint, the speeds specified in the .gcode are being ignored, not multiplied by some constant.

So Im referring to the print speed in Cura:

Which should be the Feed Rate (FR) on the Ender 3 Pro.

No matter what I set in Cura, it doesn't come across to the Ender.

Any ideas?

Feed Rate indicator on the Ender 3 Pro. Always stays at 100 no matter what I set in Cura-->Print Speed.

LOL, that's 100%, not 100mm/sec. That is the feed rate setting and can be adjusted during printing to increase/decrease speeds by a percentage variable to what's being sent from the gcode. So if you increase that feed rate to 110% it will increase Cura's speed that is embedded in the gcode by 10%.

Edit: It's like a multiplier of your slicer's setting, and can be used to live tune your print or make adjustments for different filament types, etc.

I'm confused.
So where/what is the print speed setting on the Ender? Eg. If I set 50mm/sec in Cura as the print speed, where/how do I set/see it on the Ender?

I don't think it does display the actual speed anywhere that I know of.

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@bfausti, Make a file out of the following or execute these commands manually through the terminal. The F parameter is the speed or feed rate (see As the print head moves diagonally it will go faster to the upper right and slower to the lower left. Now change the feed rate (FR) via the LCD screen on the printer to 50% and execute again. You should see a noticeable slowing of the movement.

G1 Z15
G1 X20 Y20
G1 X200 Y200 F5000
G1 X20 Y20 F500
G1 X200 Y200 F1500
G1 X20 Y20 F100

To see how Cura adjusts the speed, examine (with a text editor) the .gcode produced by the .stl file below. The .gcode I supplied is from Cura 4.7.1 configured with an Ender 3 Pro. You can change the print speed in Cura and slice the file again to compare the differences in the F parameter on the G0/G1 commands.

Surprising Leelo-Jaagub.stl (1.3 KB)
CE3PRO_Surprising Leelo-Jaagub.gcode (25.7 KB)

Thanks @b-morgan, I tested the gcode you sent via the terminal in Octoprint and the Ender does as expected. Again, when printing directly from the SD card the speeds work, they don't when I print from Octoprint.

I guess that makes two of us. If I understand what you are saying, when the commands I gave you are put into a file (I've done that and attached it) and that file is placed on the printer's SD card and executed, it will behave "normally" and go faster to the upper right and slower to the lower left. If that same file is uploaded to OctoPrint and printed, it will behave differently and travel to the upper right and lower left at the same speed?

Ender3Pro.gcode (105 Bytes)

I re-installed OctoPrint on my Raseberry Pi and has seemed to solved the issue. Not sure what the cause was but in any case its working now. Thanks for all your help @b-morgan into troubleshooting the issue. Appreciate it :slight_smile: