Print started w/o octoprint

Started print w/o octoprint. I now want to monitor the progress in octoprint. Octoprint does not show the print activity.

So is this a request for help or a guide for other users?

A request for help. Guess I chose the wrong Title

It's the wrong subforum. Just Get Help is fine...

I changed it for you.

This is generally expected behaviour, as most printer firmware does not tell OctoPrint much information other than 'Printing from SD'. OctoPrint has no knowledge, so it can't tell you what's going on either.

Would M73 messages from PrusaSlicer be potentially picked up by one of the M73 plugins to at least have print progress reporting while printing from SD card?

No, because they are not sent from OctoPrint, just stored on the SD card still - as far as I know M73 is not broadcast to the serial port when printing from SD.

Iirc it's more like printed Byte 568 of 65413
Used it only once or twice.

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