Printer and Octoprint show different progress time

IMG_2105 IMG_2106

Browser Google Chrome

Printer Anet A8 original Firmware

Raspberry Pi B3+ 32Gb

octoprint.log (97.8 KB)

Anybody else has similar problem?

No answer.
No ideas?

It would help if you asked a more detailed question.

The first screenshot shows an approximate total print time of 8 hours 2 minutes 9 seconds. So far, this print has been running for 7 hours 23 minutes and 10 seconds with an (estimated) 2 hours 29 minutes 48 seconds to go.

Are you asking why the approximate print time is 8 hours and 7 and a half hours into the print there's (an estimated) 2 and a half hours left?

I believe the first approximate total comes from the slicer along with the amount of filament the slicer thinks will be needed. The other two values come from OctoPrint the first being a wall clock measurement and the second an estimation based on how much of the gcode has been processed so far. The assumption here is that the gcode is all being processed at the same speed which is, of course, wrong.

Later, you have a screenshot highlighting Software Update and I see you have the plugin Print Time Genius. This plugin attempts to give a better estimate of print time by a more intelligent analysis of the gcode, but again, it has to make assumptions that may or may not be correct.

Note that once you have completed a print job, the actual time it took is stored and is used to give better estimates if you print the same job again.

Or perhaps you are wondering why OctoPrint thinks the job is 74% complete and the printer thinks (I assume) 56%? Without understanding the algorithms used in the firmware I can't venture a guess. Over time, you'll decide which estimate is better and use that for any planning purposes.

Actually my question is about different "Progress time". And I changed topic title.

Not an answer but I think I finally figured out what you were asking.

Sorry for confusion. Next time I will more carefully formulate my question.

No reaction from Octoprint community. Maybe I am asking in the wrong place?