Printer changes speed and temperature when printing with octoprint

When printing through octoprint the temperture and speed settings are changes automatically. The temperature in the bed and nozzle are changed to 30000C! and the speed is set to 999%.

I have tried to adjust the parameters back to normal manually. It seems to wok ok, but the printer is verry "laggy". It prints like normal for a minute and then is stops for a couple of seconds before it moves like normal again.

Strange thing is... when i print the same g.code file from the SD-card directly in the printer i prints like normal.

I have a CR-10S and run Version 1.3.10
For slicer I use CURA version 4.0

I'm having a similar problem where the bed temperature jumps when the print starts but printing the same gcode from the sd card works correctly. It seems this started happening with v1.3.10
Octoprint Version 1.3.10
Cura version 3.5
Monoprice IIIP

Logs. We need logs. We can't help you without logs.

I'll get the logs as soon as my current print finishes a couple hours.

Here are the octoprint.log and serial.log the other logs had nothing in them
Before this attempt I was letting the bed heat until I started to smell an oder and at that point killed the system, On this run I just started it running until it the bed temp jumped to 130C and killed the system at that point.
octoprint.log (10.7 KB)
serial.log (7.3 KB)

Here is a screen shot of the event;

Let me know if there is anything else you need.

edit: looks like the runaway fried my bed heater....sigh...

It doesn't look like any of the issues described in this topic are visible in the serial.log you shared, as in, nothing is there which indicates a temperature or speed command was sent through OctoPrint to the printer. What is visible though is that you are running a firmware that is known to lack thermal runaway protection and you really need to change that.

That being said:

This rather sounds like something like communication errors causing wrong temperatures to set to be read by the firmware, or maybe some weird firmware bug, or just wrong stuff in your sliced GCODE.

Flash a safe firmware, see if the issues persist, if so provide a serial.log of the occurrence.

Just a follow up. The printer is a Monoprice Maker Select 3D Printer V2 and is suffered from the " Heat Bed Terminal Burning' issue
Which now that I have the parts I'm about to attempt to fix

Thank you for your response and a great product!