Printer doesn't show printing status


I own a Two Trees Bluer 3D Printer.
Mainboard: MKS Robin Nano 1.2
Board Firmware: MKS Robin Nano Firmware version 2.0.2. It is using Marlin 2.0.2. The Robin Nano has it's own menu interface.
OctoPi Version: 0.17.0, running on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1.
OctoPrint version: 1.4.0

The problem I have is when I start a print job from OctoPrint my printer starts printing it but the screen printers screen doesn't show anything but the standard menu (as if no printing has started). I want it to show the printing menu (operations and status) like when I start a print from SD Card. Is there anyway I can trigger the printing status on my firmware to show its normal printing screen?


This is because in a way, the printer does not know it is printing. It just executes one line of gcode at a time, as it is coming in from the USB port.

What software/method does the printer manufacturer recommend/suggest/support for communicating with the printer? I'm guessing the answer is they only support printing from the SD card. If they do support printing over USB, then what software do they use?

If the firmware is based on Marlin then I believe the sources for the firmware must be available. There may be one or more gcode commands that can "switch modes" on the printer.

My Anet running Marlin didn't show status until I loaded one of the print time plugins that uses the M117 to send the details to the printers display

Well printing over USB works but it is just communicating gcode with it. The standard way is of course through SD Card.

The source code of the firmware is here:
I have already entered an issue over there as well. Hope someone replies. I was just wondering if anybody else had this issue and a solution to it. Thanks

What plugin did you use?

Does your slicer have some start gcode? If so, add a M117 Printing... as the last statement.

As for plugins, should work. might work as well. There are probably others.

It's not a plugin. In Octoprint settings, in Gcode Script, you'd add "M117 Printing..." or the like to the box that says "Before printjob starts" or the like.

I use the "Detailed Progress" plugin
I don't add anything to my G-Code

I opened an issue on MKS Robin Nano github page. I believe it is MKS firmware related. If anyone pops up with a solution for this board please share.

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