Printer Experiencing Thermal Runaway (M112)

What is the problem?

My printer shuts itself down after less than a minute of heating up. It reports an M112 error and requires a full reset of the printer. I heard somewhere that this is an Octoprint-related issue, so I have updated my python and octoprint version to their most recent revision. Please keep in mind that I'm not very technical, so please explain stuff to me like I'm 13. If you need any more info, let me know. Thanks!

What did you already try to solve it?

I have updated everything, even Python.

Have you tried running in safe mode?


Did running in safe mode solve the problem?


Systeminfo Bundle

octoprint.log (35.4 KB)
plugin_pluginmanager_console.log (11.7 KB)
plugin_softwareupdate_console.log (223.7 KB)
serial.log (148 Bytes)
tornado.log (27.7 KB)

Additional information about your setup

OctoPrint version - 1.9.0, OctoPi version - 0.17.0, Prusa MK3S

Hello @Wardus !

No, it's definitely not. (What people tell when they are bored :roll_eyes:)

Thermal runaway is a hardware issue with your printer.

In your case with the heated bed:

| Last lines in terminal:
| Recv: T:214.95 E:0 B:21.6
| Recv: T:214.9 /215.0 B:21.6 /60.0 T0:214.9 /215.0 @:30 B@:127 P:28.0 A:26.7
| Recv: T:215.05 E:0 B:21.6
| Recv: T:215.16 E:0 B:21.6
| Recv: T:215.1 /215.0 B:21.4 /60.0 T0:215.1 /215.0 @:27 B@:127 P:28.0 A:26.6
| Recv: T:214.84 E:0 B:21.5
| Recv: T:215.00 E:0 B:21.4
| Recv: T:215.2 /215.0 B:21.8 /60.0 T0:215.2 /215.0 @:25 B@:127 P:28.0 A:26.8
| Recv: T:214.69 E:0 B:22.1
| Recv: T:215.05 E:0 B:21.4
| Recv: T:214.9 /215.0 B:21.4 /60.0 T0:214.9 /215.0 @:30 B@:127 P:28.0 A:26.7
| Recv: T:215.05 E:0 B:21.4
| Recv: T:214.90 E:0 B:21.2
| Recv: T:215.0 /215.0 B:22.2 /60.0 T0:215.0 /215.0 @:28 B@:127 P:28.1 A:26.7
| Recv: T:215.10 E:0 B:22.3
| Recv: T:214.69 E:0 B:22.1
| Recv: T:214.8 /215.0 B:21.2 /60.0 T0:214.8 /215.0 @:32 B@:127 P:28.0 A:26.9
| Recv: T:214.64 E:0 B:21.2
| Recv: LCD status changed

The bed is set to 60Β°C but the temperature does not change.


  • the thermistor is detached from the bed
  • the bed has no connection to the printer board
  • the power supply fails.

Check the wiring and connectors. You may take this as a guide:

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