Printer finished print, but did not home, did not tourn off hotend or bed

I started a 10 hour print yesterday and the print was done about 6am. I went to pull the print, and noticed that neither the X or Y axis had homed, also the hotend and the bed were still at print temps. I had sliced the file in Cura 4.0 and sent the g-code directly from Cura to Octoprint. I downloaded the g-code from Octoprint (as I hadn't saved it locally) and there was no homing or temperature off in the g-code. I went to the history tab and also tried to check the log files but the print I had done wasn't there, it could only be seen in the files section above the upload button. I sliced another file and it behaved normally. I am using Octoprint 1.3.11 Octopi 0.15.1 on a CR-10S running the latest version of TH3D's firmware. Has anyone else seen this behavior and if so, what was done to correct it. I get a little twitchy when software doesn't fly on the straight and level, especially when high temperatures are involved. Thanks!

When defining a printer in Cura 4.0, you need to provide the physical specifications, start gcode, and end gcode. The end code is where the resting position and final temperature settings are defined. The start code is prepended to the gcode produced by slicing and the end code is appended to the end.

It is possible to add gcode scripts to OctoPrint that get executed at various points in the printing sequence, but the start and end gcode normally is supplied by the slicer.

Did you slice the 10 hour print yourself? Look at the gcode you sent to OctoPrint and you should see your start gcode at the beginning and your end gcode at the end.

I did slice the file and looked at the gcode and there was no homing or hotend or bed temp off in the end code, as I had stated. The gcode just stopped after the last layer, As noted in my post, I pulled the gcode directly from Octoprint as I hadn't saved the gcode locally. I have been using the same install of Cura before and sliced another file after which printed fine so I had input the correct printer specifications.

Hate it when that happens :sob: