Printer is homing during print

Hi All,

I'm using the latest Octoprint version with a CR-10S Pro V2. Slicer is Simplify3D. If I print with S3D everything loks fine. As soon as I print via Octoprint, the noozle is going to the home position (lower front) every few layers and then continue the print. Unfortunately I cannot figure out the reason for that behaviour.

Any ideas please?

Thanks and take care, Martin

Please upload the logs - especially the serial.log - otherwise we don't know what's going on :wink:

Note that you need to enable serial.log first (Settings > Serial > Log communication to serial.log). The log is not written by default due to performance reasons.

This morning i started a print and Octoprint continuously homed teh printer instead of starting the print.
octoprint.log and serial.log are attached.
The only gcode I've configured in Octoprint is G28 and G90 after connection to printer is established.

Thanks, Martin

octoprint.log (130.3 KB) serial.log (104.5 KB)

First of all I love that you're running OctoPrint on freebsd :smiley:

You installed several leveling plugins in OctoPrint - let's rule them out first

Try the safemode which disables the plugins temporarily

Sorry for the late reply.

I uninstalled the leveling plugins (I don#t need them either) and now it works. Thanks for the hint!

Cheers, Martin