Printer lag - worked for years

Since some days my printer has a noticeable lag during printing the first layers.

I’m printing the exact same gcode file which worked perfectly before, so it’s not the gcode file.

The printer stops mainly during printing circles and seems like this only happens at the first layers. After that it resumes, leaving ugly spots on the print. Also circles get edges because of this.

I already restarted my printer and my raspi 3b+ running octoprint.

I did not have issues running this printer with Octoprint for years. What could cause this?

I didn’t change something in octoprint lately.

Logs could help :slight_smile: Click on the blue link

Not at home right now, so I can post logs later.

One more thing I remember is that I updated a plugin in the last days and the system hung up, so I had to unplug my pi, but after that I was able to boot and I restarted the update.

Maybe this destroyed something in the system.

I restored an old backup within the octoprint UI (so I did not reflash the sd card).

Then I tried my print again and it looks like the issue is gone. After that I restored to the backup from today and it stills looks like the lag is gone.

So probably not necessary any more to dig into log files.
But sidequestion. @foosel Does restoring a backup clear files that could have caused this? Is it like running a new system?

Restoring a backup overwrites config files, plugin data files, and if included also uploads and timelapses plus their metadata. So - potentially yes, but it's hard to say.

Printing the second file now without lag.

Before restoring I had the lag several times, so not only once. Seems like restoring fixed it somehow.