Printer stopped in the middle of a print, and RasPi wont connect anymore


Hello everyone, been searching through the forum and cant quite get an answer. So i had everything working! and it was great! So while it was printing, i decided to screw the pi into its case. Not the best idea i know, but as i screwed in a screw right by the usb port ans the led's, it just stopped. Unplugged it and tried again, nothing. went back to square one, erased the sd card, re-flashed octopi onto it and set up all the network info again, and still nothing. the green wifi light hasn't come on since. I'm kinda at a loss and would love some help


Update: I decided I wanted to finish my print the old fashioned way, so i wiped the sd card clean and loaded the gcode. Well the printer doesn't even read that the card exists. im so confused. ill be buying a new sd card and see if that fixes the issue