Printer stops mid-printing


My printer sometimes stops to print and i can't find the reason. ... or i don't understand the logg and whers the problem.

Does anybody see the problem in the logg and can tell me what i have to look for?

The Version of Octoprint is 1.4.0 and its running on a Raspberry Pi 4 (Modell B, 2-GB)
My problem-printer is a Ender 5.
Thers a Ender 3 next to it with nearly the same setup. Raspberry Pi 4 4GB and it runs without any issue.
The only different is, that the Ender 5 has a Pallette 2 S connected.

octoprint.log (705.4 KB)

Please enable serial logging and wait until the error occurs again.

i activated it :slight_smile:
I will contact you if the error occurs again.

thank you

it happend again just now and this is the logg :slightly_frowning_face:

octoprint (6).log (121.7 KB)