Printer "stuttering"

my Ender 3 V2 (Marlin Firmware) started "stuttering" when printing with octoprint a few days ago (I updated to the latest Cura, then reinstalled the old 4.8.0, but the problem is still there). I changed to a shorter USB cable but the problem is still present. The problem occurs when printing circles or roundnesses. My Pi is a 4B with 8GB RAM - Ressource Monitor shows a CPU usage about 8 percent. I hope the attached picture shows the problem. Can anybody help me?

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This problem is most often caused by too many "short" gcode commands, i.e. the distance moved from the last gcode command is very short. These can overwhelm the serial connection.

First check the "Resend ratio:" and if non-zero, this could be part of the problem.

A possible solution would be to install GitHub - FormerLurker/ArcWelderPlugin: A plugin for OctoPrint used to convert G0/G1 commands to G2/G3 commands. Reduce the size of your gcode files, and reduce number of gcodes per second sent to your printer.. This assumes that the firmware you have installed supports the G2-G3 commands.

More specific help would be greatly enhanced if you filled out the template that you deleted when you started this topic.

I first encountered this behavior on my first vase mode print experiment (although this was done before I started using Octoprint). The model I used required a lot of short moves to accomplish a lot of curves. Similar to what @b-morgan describes, there is a struggle with keeping the firmware command queue buffer filled. I think in my case it was that there were so many gcode commands in quick succession that the SD reader couldn't keep up. I found the simple solution was to reduce the overall feed rate to allow the printer more time to read while pushing commands into the queue. You could try this to see if it results into smoother motion. While it doesn't ultimately solve the problem, it would at least help shed light towards the root cause.

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