Printers Hotend not heating up when print started

I am using Cura 4.8 to slice my files, I can send them to octoprint and then send them to my printer (Ender 3V2 - updated firmware). It will start up the bed heating but not the hotend - I am total new to this, everything else works fine - setup my Raspberry Pi 4B with current Octopi version on friday - what am I missing

Probably the start script in Cura is broken, and it isn't automatically adding any heating commands. Check to see what it says there, maybe post the contents of the start script and a sliced gcode file that has this problem.

If you have Octolapse installed and running, it's maybe in test-mode


how do I test to see if it's in test mode and how do I take it out of test mode

You can find it here:


Thanks for the help - I checked it and it is disabled

I have figured it out - I wasn't setting the temp in the temp screen

thanks again

This sorted the issue for me (test mode on in Octolapse), thank you.

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