Printers serial port won't be found by raspberry pi (octoprint can't find my printer) (25.5 KB)

(it did not work)

It appears you activated the serial port on the GPIO bus. And no: you can't connect them to the printer's USB.

You have to activate ttyUSBx or ttyACMx

and how can I activate it?

Somewhere before when you discovered the ttySx you made a change. You have to revert it.

Maybe it is more easy to start all over with a fresh OctoPi installation.

I did what you said and now everything is again as it was before (octoprint won't even detect any baudrate anymore)

A couple of questions:

Have you set both the "serial port" and "baud rate" to "AUTO" in the connection dropdown?
Which serial ports ar listed in the connection dropdown?

if you ssh onto your PI as the Octoprint user (not root), what do you get from the following:
"ls -lsa /dev/tty*"

verify that "console=ttyS0,115200" is not specified on the Kernel command line:
"dmesg |grep 'Kernel command line'"

  1. yes
  2. none
  3. I don't know

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