Printhead behavior on reboot Octoprint

Hi there,

i'm a noob on octoprint, but learning.

setup: pi powered from ender 3 pro cpu, with a sonoff wifi poweroutlet.

When there is no printing, i cool down the printer, and cut off the power.

On startup and connection from octoprint, the printerhead is always posisioning itself on the far right corner some 5 cm above the bed.. But the printhead is usualy at the far left corner after a done printjob.

Can i prevent this? Or change this?

Did look around in octoprint, but did not find any startup behavior code.

Hello @Tom_Van_Wehaege!

Sorry, this is not a Networking issue. I moved the thread.

Please share the logs: octoprint.log and serial.log (you may have to enable the serial logging first).
Keep in mind that when connected to a server via USB, most printers perform a reset.
The position after a reset may be different from what is setup in the gcode script after printing.