Printing from SD Card through Octoprint

Hi, I have an Ender3 v2 and I'm running Octoprint on a pi 3B+
I'm just wondering what the difference is between printing from SD card through Octoprint and printing through the Ender interface.
Are any overheads introduced?

Printing from the SD card is incredibly slow to transfer, and you miss out on most of what OctoPrint has to offer with plugins and gcode analysis since it doesn't know what is happening, only if something is happening. Don't recommend it really, unless you have a massive desire (things like power loss recovery only work from SD card)

Yes I transferred the file manually as It was taking so long!
So transfer aside, is the print time is the same as it would be if I printed direct from the machine?

In this instance, I am just using OctoPrint as a monitor and to make timelapse. As it was a long print and I haven't actually tried OctoPrint yet, I didn't want to risk making it slower or poorer quality. I'll try that on a shorter print!

Should be the exact same, the 'USB prints are worse' is a conspiracy theory in my opinion... If you have communication issues, then maybe but the vast majority are not.

Besides communication issues, another case where USB prints may be worse than SD prints is when there are a lot of very short segments very close together. Arc Welder: Anti-Stutter will mitigate most occurrences of this case (if your printer's firmware supports G2/G3).

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