Printing in The Air - AKA Mysterious Z axis Move


New to Octoprint but I have been 3D printing a number of years on a Flashforge Dreamer using an SD card to transfer the gcode between computer and printer.

What is the problem?

Printing in the air after a mysterious z axis move that is not in the gcode (cgode below)

  • Connected the printer and sent over some gcode created by the Flashforge slicer.
  • Printer homes
  • warms up
  • Z axis moves 50mm off the bed
  • XY move to the min (Front left of the printer)
  • Moves to the XY start position
  • Moves z to 0.2mm
  • Then moves z axis to about 10mm above the bed
  • starts to extrude and move

Thing is the move to z axis to 10mm above the bed is not in the gcode - so where is it coming from?

Thanks for your help

What did you already try to solve it?

Ran the Gcode line by line using the terminal and it does not do the move z axis to 10mm above the bed - so I am assuming that this command is coming from a setting in Octoprint but I can't find it.

Have you tried running in safe mode?

Yes - and it will not find the serial port in safemode, so didn't get far

Did running in safe mode solve the problem?


Systeminfo Bundle (136.6 KB)

Additional information about your setup

Using a Raspberry Pi 4,
Octoprint 1.9.0 (Stable) & Flashforge Plugin 0.2.6 (warning on not being actively managed)
PC: Windows 11
Browser: Chrome

Gcode below
rated by ffslicer 2.2.2 05/30/23 08:05:45
;machine_type: Dreamer
;right_extruder_material: PLA
;right_extruder_material_density: 1.24
;filament_diameter0: 1.75
;right_extruder_temperature: 200
;layer_height: 0.18
;perimeter_shells: 2
;top_solid_layers: 3
;bottom_solid_layers: 3
;fill_density: 15%
;fill_pattern: hexagon
;base_print_speed: 60
;travel_speed: 80
;platform_temperature: 50
;right_extruder_temperature_raft0: 0
;start gcode
M118 X91.00 Y41.50 Z37.60 T0
M140 S50 T0
M104 S200 T0
M104 S0 T1
M132 X Y Z A B
G1 Z50.000 F420
G161 X Y F3300
M7 T0
M6 T0
M651 S255
M907 X100 Y100 Z40 A80 B20
;layer_count: 208
M108 T0
G1 X-54.85 Y41.50 F4800
G1 Z.200 F420
G1 X-54.85 Y41.50 F4800
G1 X-83.34 Y41.50 E4.1315 F1200
G1 X-85.10 Y41.26 E4.3890
G1 X-87.04 Y40.46 E4.6934
G1 X-88.70 Y39.17 E4.9982

Hello @Iangwm !

Can you please share the whole gcode as a zip-file?

Also this:

This is a a grbl/Teacup/Yaskawa only command.

This is a Teacup/Yaskawa only command.

This a RepRap only command.

This is very wrongly used. 100 Amps for the X and Y motor?

What is going on there?

For the Gcode commands see here:

BTW. Always set a 0 (zero) in front of a decimal point. Things are way more obvious then.

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G Code attached

Gcode is generated by Flashforge FlashPrint 5 software and works fine on the Dreamer, if transferred to the printer via SD card.

:eyes: wow

There should be a section: Start gcode. Check that.

For Flashforge printers are using MakerBot firmware (AFAIK), the Gcodes I mentioned before make really no sense.

M7 is for CNC use.

M907 sets the motor currents:


Sorry there is nothing in the Start Gcode section.

Also wouldn't that run before the Flashprint generated code? not part way through it?


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