Printing multiple small objects one at a time

What is the problem?
I am looking for a way to print 8 assembles one at a time. The issue is they are only 4 mm or smaller in height. The best I can do is to spread 4 nuts to multiple corners as the slice complains there is no room. There is a greyed out safety area but it does not really apply as the assemblies are very short.
And if I manually lay it out the slice then complains they have over lapping safety zones

Cura Ver 5,2,1
Ender 3

My question is simply is there away to remove the check area so I can manually lay it out and then slice it without it checking the safety area or to reduce the area


Cura doesn't have that problem. I've done as many as 30 pieces at a time that way.

You have to edit the Print head dimensions in Cura if you want to change the safety zones.

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