Printing sent on Octoprint does something stupid.

Hi everyone,
My problem would be that if I start the print with Octoprint, it goes to the middle of the tray, starts feeding the filament, then continuously goes up along the z axis for about 2 cm, then the head goes back to the starting point and starts taking the filament out of the extruder...
What could be the problem?
(Ender 3 Pro SKR 1.4 turbo + TFT35, connected by usb)

Hi :slight_smile:

Lets check the gcode - maybe there is something in the start gcode that causes that behavior.
Just zip your gcode and attach it to a post.

Also try safe mode to rule out plugins.

This is the third time it wrote this.:
Error reported by printer
Your printer's firmware reported an error. Due to that OctoPrint will disconnect. Reported error: Printer halted. kill() called!

You may share a systeminfo bundle.
Else we only can guess what error the printer reported...

yeah a systeminfo bundle would probably tell what's going on.
enable serial logging, recreate the issue and then upload the bundle zip (38.7 KB)
That's good?

Not quite - you have not enabled serial logging and recreated the issue before downloading the bundle. (68.1 KB)

Has anyone found the error?

Inspecting the logs, there is no clue concerning the issues you mentioned.

The huge retraction you mentioned did not happen because of a communication error that occurred.

Also the second one is not to found.

Due to the retraction: have a closer look on your slicer settings. Maybe there is something odd.
A kill() call from the printer usually occurs during a major issue.

if I start the file on a flash drive via tft35, it prints without error, if I send it from the computer via ocroprint, the mentioned problem appears :frowning:

You have a Creality printer and they are notorious for having EMI related USB communication errors. To minimize these errors, a high quality, shielded USB cable with ferrite beads is recommended. The routing of this USB cable as well as the routing of other cables within the printer can help reduce the occurrence of these communication errors.

This forum is full of reported communication issues with Creality printers as well as numerous suggested solutions. Do a bit of searching and you should find some things to try.

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