Printing with slic3r


now every time i try to print a file sliced with slic3r it wont print it does a whip and stops i am useing a prusa i3 mk3


it does a whip

does a wipe?


you know the little band of filament it prints on the front of the print bed


"now every time" as in, it used to work but now it doesn't?


right it used to my first two worked


so what's changed? you change any settings? updated octoprint? updated slic3r? You've given us zero information at all to go on.


i did nothing it just stopped working


As a test, If you save the gcode with Slic3r to your PC, then use Octoprint to upload the file from your PC. What happens?
also open the gcode in a text editor and see if it actually build.


the same thing happens


Things to do/try

  • Enable serial logging (in octoprint's settings), start your print, and upload the log to pastebin and post a link
  • Slice and put the file on an SD card and insert it directly into your printer
  • Slice and connect your PC to the printer, and use another host program
  • Start octoprint in safe mode to rule out any plugins interfering
  • Make sure there aren't any prusa firmware update commands in your start gcode, those have been known to lock the printer up because it expects a response.

Lastly, try to be more descriptive. Don't make us ask 200 questions to get to the bottom of this.