Printing wont start - heatbed heats to temp and then nothing

I am using the latest version of Octoprint with a Tronxy X5SA Pro running Marlin . The printer works fine from the SD card but if I connect Octoprint and send a job, it starts heating the bed and stalls - stays at bed temp and never starts the hotend heating. I wait for 5 minutes - doesn't start.

This is new and unusual. I have had other printers previously and have been using Octoprint for a long time without problem.

I can try to print to a different printer and see what happens, just thought I would check if others have seen this behavior.

Can you enable the serial.log and upload it here?

There is also the standard questions - safe mode, systeminfo bundle etc. that would have been provided by the new post template that would be helpful.

I will do that and upload in a bit. Thanks.

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