Prints initiated via Octoprint - see HE heating to 220C


Hi All,

Am running Octoprint 1.3.10, on Octopi 0.15.1 with Cura latest slicing on the PC and uploading the gcode file, settings for PLA temperature in Cura set for 195C, I have a EZABL fitted, after bed leveling the Hot End target Temp gets set to 220C.

I've tried:
I can manually adjust it back to 195C eventually, it takes a couple of goes, before it accepts my 195, preferring to stick at 220C. This is a work around, but it isn't ideal.

I figured, this is Octoprint setting to the ABS pre-set temp, so I removed ABS from settings, leaving just 195C for PLA in the settings section, however it's had no effect. I was thinking the temps are held in some kind of alphabetical list ABS being first before PLA and any others I might add, but perhaps not.

FYI: If I ignore Octoprint for a second, and slice with cura direct to an sdcard, and print directly off the printers menu, I never see 220C, only 195C from start to finish.

Any thoughts any body ?




Hi @adibbins,

got some logs?



I solve this as I was writing the message, I was thinking about what I'd written.

As I perform the EZABL bed leveling, with a modified gcode start script that includes the G29 to perform the bed leveling, the Hot End cools down while this is happening, so I added an M109 s and I checked and it's set to 220C.

Obviously, I've fixed it now, I would be happy if someone knows a better way than a M109 to return the HE to desired temp, as this method doesn't cater for different materials (PETG vs PLA) ?

Apologies, for my mistake and the premature posting, but it was the writing of the posting that helped me figure out what I'd done.




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