Problem connecting to Ender 3


I have installed octoprint on my rasberry pi zero w. I am able to connect to the rasberry via typing in the Ip-adress. The lnly problem is that it won't connect to the printer.

Newest version of octopi, stock ender 3 firmware and board.


Hello @martin.ansteensen!

So have some logs for us? The serial log would be very appreciated. Don't forget to activate serial logging before.


Where can I find these logs?


Also, I have not logged into octorprint, but do not know if that is an issue (either forgot password or never made any password)


Referring to you first post, I thought you got the web GUI.

Sure, first you have to setup OctoPrint to get OctoPrint connected to your printer.


I have used the setupwizard, but now when i enter the octoprint page it always states that it is offline. Do not know if it is because i have not logged in, or because it cant comunicate with the printer