Problem pausing / resume

What is the problem?

when i pause it pauses but when resuming as the nozzle moves to the place where it left off it retracts the fillament say 20mm then continues printing fresh air with the feed motor forwarding and retracting every now and then still printin fresh air ,

What did you already try to solve it?

checke the before resume gcode , rebooted a couple of times,

Have you tried running in safe mode?


Did running in safe mode solve the problem?

didnt try

Systeminfo Bundle

You can download this in OctoPrint's System Information dialog ... no bundle, no support!)


Additional information about your setup

OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, browser, operating system, ... as much data as possible

i restrored from a backup and everything works great now ,
just wanted to check if anyone else had similar experiences.

Can you share it? It might allow for someone to tell you what the problem is.

yeah sure but its been working great for months, and after the restore it works.

After print job is paused

G91   ; Relative XYZE
G1 Z+50 E-5 F3600  ; Move Z up 50 and retract 5 mm at 60 mm/s (3600/60)
G90   ; Absolute XYZE

Before print job is resumed

G1 X{{ pause_position.x }} Y{{ pause_position.y }} Z{{ pause_position.z }} E{{ pause_position.e }} F3600

Can you also post gcode from slicing a simple object like a 2x2x2mm cube, please?

no problem
CE3E3_2mm cube.gcode (17.7 KB)

;Filament used: 0.0164126m
;Layer height: 0.28
;Generated with Creality Slicer 4.8.2-279
M140 S60
M190 S60
M104 S200
M109 S200
M82 ;absolute extrusion mode

G28 ;Home

G92 E0 ;Reset Extruder
G1 Z2.0 F3000 ;Move Z Axis up
G1 X10.1 Y20 Z0.28 F5000.0 ;Move to start position
G1 X10.1 Y200.0 Z0.28 F1500.0 E15 ;Draw the first line
G1 X10.4 Y200.0 Z0.28 F5000.0 ;Move to side a little
G1 X10.4 Y20 Z0.28 F1500.0 E30 ;Draw the second line
G92 E0 ;Reset Extruder
G1 Z2.0 F3000 ;Move Z Axis up

G92 E0
G92 E0
G1 F2700 E-5
G0 F6000 X103.748 Y94.093 Z0.28
G1 F2700 E0
G1 F1200 X104.295 Y93.567 E0.03534
G1 X104.893 Y93.101 E0.07064
G1 X105.538 Y92.701 E0.10598
G1 X106.221 Y92.371 E0.1413
G1 X106.935 Y92.114 E0.17663
G1 X107.672 Y91.934 E0.21196
G1 X108.424 Y91.833 E0.24729
G1 X108.807 Y91.812 E0.26515
G1 X109.128 Y91.803 E0.28011
G1 X109.33 Y91.8 E0.28951
G1 X110.293 Y91.8 E0.33435
G1 X111.094 Y91.811 E0.37166
G1 X111.851 Y91.862 E0.40698
G1 X112.599 Y91.992 E0.44234
G1 X113.328 Y92.2 E0.47764
G1 X114.032 Y92.484 E0.51298
G1 X114.702 Y92.84 E0.54831
G1 X115.33 Y93.265 E0.58362
G1 X115.911 Y93.753 E0.61895
G1 X116.437 Y94.3 E0.65429
G1 X116.902 Y94.899 E0.6896
G1 X117.302 Y95.544 E0.72494
G1 X117.631 Y96.227 E0.76024
G1 X117.887 Y96.941 E0.79556
G1 X118.067 Y97.679 E0.83093
G1 X118.188 Y98.808 E0.8838
G1 X118.197 Y99.128 E0.89871
G1 X118.2 Y99.33 E0.90812
G1 X118.199 Y100.35 E0.95561
G1 X118.19 Y101.08 E0.98961
G1 X118.141 Y101.837 E1.02493
G1 X118.012 Y102.585 E1.06027
G1 X117.806 Y103.315 E1.09559
G1 X117.523 Y104.019 E1.13092
G1 X117.169 Y104.689 E1.16621
G1 X116.745 Y105.319 E1.20157
G1 X116.258 Y105.9 E1.23687
G1 X115.712 Y106.427 E1.2722
G1 X115.114 Y106.894 E1.30754
G1 X114.47 Y107.295 E1.34286
G1 X113.787 Y107.626 E1.3782
G1 X113.073 Y107.883 E1.41354
G1 X112.337 Y108.064 E1.44883
G1 X111.585 Y108.166 E1.48417
G1 X111.193 Y108.188 E1.50245
G1 X110.872 Y108.197 E1.5174
G1 X110.67 Y108.2 E1.52681
G1 X109.614 Y108.199 E1.57598
G1 X108.916 Y108.19 E1.60848
G1 X108.159 Y108.141 E1.64381
G1 X107.412 Y108.012 E1.67911
G1 X106.682 Y107.804 E1.71445
G1 X105.978 Y107.522 E1.74976
G1 X105.307 Y107.167 E1.78511
G1 X104.678 Y106.743 E1.82043
G1 X104.097 Y106.255 E1.85576
G1 X103.57 Y105.709 E1.8911
G1 X103.104 Y105.11 E1.92644
G1 X102.703 Y104.466 E1.96176
G1 X102.373 Y103.783 E1.99708
G1 X102.116 Y103.069 E2.03242
G1 X101.935 Y102.333 E2.06771
G1 X101.833 Y101.581 E2.10305
G1 X101.812 Y101.186 E2.12147
G1 X101.803 Y100.853 E2.13698
G1 X101.8 Y100.658 E2.14606
G1 X101.801 Y99.577 E2.1964
G1 X101.81 Y98.912 E2.22736
G1 X101.86 Y98.155 E2.26269
G1 X101.989 Y97.407 E2.29803
G1 X102.197 Y96.677 E2.33338
G1 X102.48 Y95.973 E2.36871
G1 X102.836 Y95.303 E2.40404
G1 X103.26 Y94.674 E2.43936
G1 X103.748 Y94.093 E2.47469
G0 F6000 X104.141 Y94.261
G1 F1200 X104.684 Y93.762 E2.50903
G1 X105.277 Y93.325 E2.54333
G1 X105.914 Y92.954 E2.57766
G1 X106.588 Y92.655 E2.61199
G1 X107.29 Y92.43 E2.64632
G1 X108.013 Y92.282 E2.68068
G1 X108.818 Y92.212 E2.7183
G1 X109.139 Y92.203 E2.73326
G1 X109.33 Y92.2 E2.74215
G1 X110.293 Y92.2 E2.78699
G1 X111.088 Y92.211 E2.82402
G1 X111.824 Y92.261 E2.85837
G1 X112.55 Y92.391 E2.89271
G1 X113.257 Y92.599 E2.92703
G1 X113.938 Y92.882 E2.96137
G1 X114.584 Y93.237 E2.99569
G1 X115.188 Y93.66 E3.03002
G1 X115.743 Y94.146 E3.06438
G1 X116.241 Y94.689 E3.09868
G1 X116.678 Y95.283 E3.13302
G1 X117.048 Y95.92 E3.16732
G1 X117.347 Y96.594 E3.20166
G1 X117.572 Y97.297 E3.23603
G1 X117.718 Y98.019 E3.27033
G1 X117.788 Y98.819 E3.30772
G1 X117.797 Y99.139 E3.32263
G1 X117.8 Y99.33 E3.33152
G1 X117.799 Y100.345 E3.37878
G1 X117.79 Y101.075 E3.41278
G1 X117.741 Y101.81 E3.44708
G1 X117.613 Y102.537 E3.48145
G1 X117.407 Y103.244 E3.51574
G1 X117.125 Y103.926 E3.55011
G1 X116.771 Y104.573 E3.58445
G1 X116.35 Y105.177 E3.61873
G1 X115.865 Y105.733 E3.65309
G1 X115.323 Y106.233 E3.68742
G1 X114.73 Y106.671 E3.72175
G1 X114.093 Y107.042 E3.75608
G1 X113.42 Y107.343 E3.79041
G1 X112.718 Y107.568 E3.82473
G1 X111.995 Y107.716 E3.8591
G1 X111.182 Y107.788 E3.8971
G1 X110.861 Y107.797 E3.91205
G1 X110.67 Y107.8 E3.92095
G1 X109.619 Y107.799 E3.96989
G1 X108.921 Y107.79 E4.00239
G1 X108.186 Y107.741 E4.03669
G1 X107.46 Y107.612 E4.07103
G1 X106.752 Y107.406 E4.10536
G1 X106.071 Y107.123 E4.1397
G1 X105.424 Y106.769 E4.17404
G1 X104.82 Y106.347 E4.20835
G1 X104.264 Y105.862 E4.24271
G1 X103.765 Y105.32 E4.27701
G1 X103.327 Y104.727 E4.31134
G1 X102.956 Y104.09 E4.34567
G1 X102.656 Y103.416 E4.38002
G1 X102.431 Y102.714 E4.41435
G1 X102.283 Y101.992 E4.44866
G1 X102.211 Y101.175 E4.48685
G1 X102.202 Y100.842 E4.50237
G1 X102.2 Y100.658 E4.51093
G1 X102.201 Y99.582 E4.56104
G1 X102.21 Y98.917 E4.59201
G1 X102.26 Y98.181 E4.62636
G1 X102.389 Y97.456 E4.66064
G1 X102.596 Y96.748 E4.69499
G1 X102.878 Y96.067 E4.72931
G1 X103.233 Y95.42 E4.76368
G1 X103.655 Y94.816 E4.79799
G1 X104.141 Y94.261 E4.83234
G0 F6000 X104.533 Y94.435
G1 F1200 X105.071 Y93.964 E4.86563
G1 X105.659 Y93.556 E4.89896
G1 X106.288 Y93.216 E4.93225
G1 X106.952 Y92.949 E4.96558
G1 X107.641 Y92.757 E4.99888
G1 X108.347 Y92.643 E5.03218
G1 X108.83 Y92.612 E5.05472
G1 X109.33 Y92.6 E5.07801
G1 X110.293 Y92.6 E5.12285
G1 X111.083 Y92.611 E5.15964
G1 X111.796 Y92.661 E5.19292
G1 X112.5 Y92.79 E5.22625
G1 X113.184 Y92.998 E5.25954
G1 X113.841 Y93.28 E5.29283
G1 X114.463 Y93.634 E5.32615
G1 X115.041 Y94.055 E5.35945
G1 X115.569 Y94.538 E5.39277
G1 X116.039 Y95.076 E5.42604
G1 X116.447 Y95.664 E5.45936
G1 X116.786 Y96.294 E5.49268
G1 X117.053 Y96.957 E5.52596
G1 X117.244 Y97.647 E5.55929
G1 X117.357 Y98.353 E5.59259
G1 X117.388 Y98.83 E5.61484
G1 X117.4 Y99.33 E5.63813
G1 X117.4 Y100.34 E5.68516
G1 X117.391 Y101.07 E5.71916
G1 X117.342 Y101.783 E5.75244
G1 X117.214 Y102.487 E5.78576
G1 X117.008 Y103.172 E5.81906
G1 X116.727 Y103.83 E5.85238
G1 X116.374 Y104.452 E5.88568
G1 X115.954 Y105.031 E5.91899
G1 X115.473 Y105.56 E5.95228
G1 X114.935 Y106.032 E5.98561
G1 X114.348 Y106.44 E6.01889
G1 X113.719 Y106.781 E6.05221
G1 X113.056 Y107.049 E6.08551
G1 X112.367 Y107.241 E6.11881
G1 X111.661 Y107.356 E6.15212
G1 X111.17 Y107.388 E6.17503
G1 X110.67 Y107.4 E6.19832
G1 X109.624 Y107.399 E6.24703
G1 X108.926 Y107.39 E6.27953
G1 X108.213 Y107.341 E6.31281
G1 X107.509 Y107.213 E6.34613
G1 X106.824 Y107.007 E6.37944
G1 X106.167 Y106.725 E6.41273
G1 X105.545 Y106.372 E6.44603
G1 X104.966 Y105.952 E6.47934
G1 X104.437 Y105.47 E6.51266
G1 X103.966 Y104.932 E6.54596
G1 X103.558 Y104.345 E6.57924
G1 X103.218 Y103.715 E6.61258
G1 X102.95 Y103.052 E6.64588
G1 X102.758 Y102.363 E6.67918
G1 X102.644 Y101.657 E6.71248
G1 X102.611 Y101.164 E6.73549
G1 X102.602 Y100.831 E6.751
G1 X102.6 Y100.658 E6.75906
G1 X102.601 Y99.587 E6.80893
G1 X102.61 Y98.922 E6.8399
G1 X102.659 Y98.209 E6.87318
G1 X102.788 Y97.505 E6.9065
G1 X102.995 Y96.821 E6.93978
G1 X103.277 Y96.163 E6.97311
G1 X103.63 Y95.541 E7.00642
G1 X104.05 Y94.963 E7.03968
G1 X104.533 Y94.435 E7.07301
G0 F6000 X104.445 Y95.114
G1 F1200 X104.924 Y94.614 E7.10525
G1 X105.458 Y94.173 E7.1375
G1 X106.039 Y93.796 E7.16975
G1 X106.659 Y93.488 E7.20198
G1 X107.311 Y93.254 E7.23424
G1 X107.985 Y93.097 E7.26646
G1 X108.841 Y93.011 E7.30652
G1 X109.162 Y93.002 E7.32148
G1 X109.33 Y93 E7.3293
G1 X110.293 Y93 E7.37414
G1 X111.077 Y93.011 E7.41065
G1 X111.768 Y93.06 E7.44291
G1 X112.448 Y93.19 E7.47514
G1 X113.109 Y93.396 E7.50738
G1 X113.742 Y93.678 E7.53965
G1 X114.338 Y94.03 E7.57188
G1 X114.889 Y94.449 E7.60411
G1 X115.389 Y94.929 E7.63639
G1 X115.83 Y95.463 E7.66864
G1 X116.207 Y96.044 E7.70089
G1 X116.514 Y96.665 E7.73314
G1 X116.747 Y97.317 E7.76538
G1 X116.904 Y97.991 E7.79761
G1 X116.989 Y98.841 E7.83738
G1 X116.998 Y99.161 E7.85229
G1 X117 Y99.33 E7.86016
G1 X117 Y100.335 E7.90696
G1 X116.991 Y101.065 E7.94095
G1 X116.942 Y101.756 E7.97321
G1 X116.814 Y102.436 E8.00543
G1 X116.609 Y103.098 E8.0377
G1 X116.329 Y103.731 E8.06993
G1 X115.977 Y104.328 E8.1022
G1 X115.56 Y104.88 E8.13441
G1 X115.081 Y105.381 E8.16669
G1 X114.548 Y105.823 E8.19893
G1 X113.968 Y106.201 E8.23117
G1 X113.347 Y106.509 E8.26345
G1 X112.696 Y106.744 E8.29567
G1 X112.022 Y106.902 E8.32791
G1 X111.159 Y106.989 E8.3683
G1 X110.838 Y106.998 E8.38325
G1 X110.67 Y107 E8.39107
G1 X109.63 Y107 E8.4395
G1 X108.932 Y106.991 E8.472
G1 X108.241 Y106.942 E8.50426
G1 X107.56 Y106.813 E8.53653
G1 X106.899 Y106.608 E8.56876
G1 X106.266 Y106.327 E8.60101
G1 X105.669 Y105.976 E8.63326
G1 X105.117 Y105.558 E8.6655
G1 X104.617 Y105.079 E8.69774
G1 X104.175 Y104.545 E8.73002
G1 X103.798 Y103.965 E8.76223
G1 X103.49 Y103.344 E8.79451
G1 X103.255 Y102.693 E8.82673
G1 X103.098 Y102.018 E8.859
G1 X103.011 Y101.153 E8.89949
G1 X103.002 Y100.82 E8.915
G1 X103 Y100.658 E8.92254
G1 X103.001 Y99.593 E8.97213
G1 X103.01 Y98.928 E9.0031
G1 X103.059 Y98.237 E9.03536
G1 X103.187 Y97.557 E9.06758
G1 X103.394 Y96.895 E9.09987
G1 X103.675 Y96.262 E9.13212
G1 X104.027 Y95.666 E9.16435
G1 X104.445 Y95.114 E9.19659
G0 F6000 X104.839 Y95.271
G1 F1200 X105.314 Y94.801 E9.22771
G1 X105.843 Y94.39 E9.2589
G1 X106.416 Y94.045 E9.29005
G1 X107.027 Y93.772 E9.32121
G1 X107.665 Y93.573 E9.35233
G1 X108.323 Y93.451 E9.38349
G1 X108.852 Y93.411 E9.40819
G1 X109.173 Y93.402 E9.42315
G1 X109.33 Y93.4 E9.43046
G1 X110.293 Y93.4 E9.4753
G1 X111.071 Y93.411 E9.51153
G1 X111.738 Y93.46 E9.54267
G1 X112.395 Y93.589 E9.57385
G1 X113.031 Y93.795 E9.60498
G1 X113.639 Y94.076 E9.63617
G1 X114.208 Y94.426 E9.66727
G1 X114.732 Y94.843 E9.69845
G1 X115.202 Y95.319 E9.7296
G1 X115.612 Y95.847 E9.76073
G1 X115.957 Y96.421 E9.79192
G1 X116.23 Y97.032 E9.82308
G1 X116.428 Y97.671 E9.85423
G1 X116.549 Y98.329 E9.88538
G1 X116.589 Y98.853 E9.90985
G1 X116.598 Y99.173 E9.92476
G1 X116.6 Y99.33 E9.93207
G1 X116.6 Y100.33 E9.97863
G1 X116.591 Y101.06 E10.01263
G1 X116.542 Y101.727 E10.04377
G1 X116.415 Y102.384 E10.07493
G1 X116.21 Y103.021 E10.10609
G1 X115.931 Y103.629 E10.13724
G1 X115.581 Y104.199 E10.16838
G1 X115.166 Y104.724 E10.19954
G1 X114.691 Y105.195 E10.23069
G1 X114.163 Y105.606 E10.26185
G1 X113.59 Y105.951 E10.29299
G1 X112.98 Y106.226 E10.32415
G1 X112.341 Y106.426 E10.35533
G1 X111.684 Y106.548 E10.38644
G1 X111.148 Y106.589 E10.41147
G1 X110.827 Y106.598 E10.42643
G1 X110.67 Y106.6 E10.43374
G1 X109.635 Y106.6 E10.48193
G1 X108.937 Y106.591 E10.51444
G1 X108.27 Y106.542 E10.54558
G1 X107.613 Y106.414 E10.57675
G1 X106.976 Y106.209 E10.60791
G1 X106.368 Y105.929 E10.63908
G1 X105.798 Y105.579 E10.67022
G1 X105.274 Y105.163 E10.70138
G1 X104.803 Y104.688 E10.73252
G1 X104.392 Y104.16 E10.76368
G1 X104.047 Y103.587 E10.79482
G1 X103.773 Y102.977 E10.82596
G1 X103.573 Y102.338 E10.85714
G1 X103.452 Y101.68 E10.88829
G1 X103.411 Y101.142 E10.91342
G1 X103.402 Y100.809 E10.92893
G1 X103.4 Y100.658 E10.93596
G1 X103.401 Y99.598 E10.98532
G1 X103.41 Y98.933 E11.01629
G1 X103.459 Y98.266 E11.04743
G1 X103.587 Y97.609 E11.0786
G1 X103.792 Y96.973 E11.10971
G1 X104.072 Y96.365 E11.14088
G1 X104.423 Y95.795 E11.17205
G1 X104.839 Y95.271 E11.20321
G0 F6000 X105.232 Y95.435
G1 F1200 X105.703 Y94.995 E11.23322
G1 X106.226 Y94.617 E11.26327
G1 X106.79 Y94.306 E11.29326
G1 X107.389 Y94.068 E11.32327
G1 X108.013 Y93.905 E11.3533
G1 X108.863 Y93.811 E11.39312
G1 X109.184 Y93.802 E11.40807
G1 X109.33 Y93.8 E11.41487
G1 X110.293 Y93.8 E11.45971
G1 X111.065 Y93.811 E11.49567
G1 X111.708 Y93.86 E11.52569
G1 X112.34 Y93.988 E11.55572
G1 X112.951 Y94.194 E11.58574
G1 X113.532 Y94.473 E11.61575
G1 X114.074 Y94.822 E11.64577
G1 X114.568 Y95.236 E11.67578
G1 X115.008 Y95.708 E11.70583
G1 X115.386 Y96.23 E11.73584
G1 X115.696 Y96.795 E11.76585
G1 X115.934 Y97.394 E11.79586
G1 X116.096 Y98.018 E11.82588
G1 X116.189 Y98.864 E11.86551
G1 X116.198 Y99.184 E11.88042
G1 X116.2 Y99.33 E11.88722
G1 X116.2 Y100.325 E11.93355
G1 X116.191 Y101.055 E11.96754
G1 X116.143 Y101.698 E11.99757
G1 X116.016 Y102.33 E12.02759
G1 X115.811 Y102.941 E12.05759
G1 X115.533 Y103.523 E12.08763
G1 X115.185 Y104.065 E12.11762
G1 X114.772 Y104.561 E12.14767
G1 X114.301 Y105.001 E12.17769
G1 X113.78 Y105.38 E12.20769
G1 X113.215 Y105.691 E12.23772
G1 X112.616 Y105.93 E12.26775
G1 X111.993 Y106.094 E12.29775
G1 X111.137 Y106.189 E12.33785
G1 X110.816 Y106.198 E12.3528
G1 X110.67 Y106.2 E12.3596
G1 X109.64 Y106.2 E12.40756
G1 X108.942 Y106.191 E12.44007
G1 X108.299 Y106.142 E12.47009
G1 X107.667 Y106.015 E12.50011
G1 X107.056 Y105.81 E12.53012
G1 X106.475 Y105.532 E12.56011
G1 X105.932 Y105.183 E12.59017
G1 X105.437 Y104.77 E12.62019
G1 X104.997 Y104.299 E12.6502
G1 X104.618 Y103.777 E12.68024
G1 X104.307 Y103.213 E12.71023
G1 X104.069 Y102.614 E12.74024
G1 X103.906 Y101.99 E12.77027
G1 X103.811 Y101.131 E12.81051
G1 X103.8 Y100.658 E12.83254
G1 X103.8 Y99.604 E12.88162
G1 X103.809 Y98.939 E12.91259
G1 X103.858 Y98.296 E12.94262
G1 X103.986 Y97.664 E12.97265
G1 X104.191 Y97.053 E13.00265
G1 X104.47 Y96.472 E13.03267
G1 X104.819 Y95.929 E13.06272
G1 X105.232 Y95.435 E13.09271
G1 F2700 E8.09271
;MESH:2mm cube.stl
G0 F6000 X108.335 Y99.414
G0 X109.414 Y99.414
G0 X110.4 Y100.4
G1 F2700 E13.09271
G1 F1200 X109.6 Y100.4 E13.12996
G1 X109.6 Y99.6 E13.16721
G1 X110.4 Y99.6 E13.20446
G1 X110.4 Y100.4 E13.24171
G0 F6000 X110.8 Y100.8
G1 F1200 X109.2 Y100.8 E13.31621
G1 X109.2 Y99.2 E13.39072
G1 X110.8 Y99.2 E13.46522
G1 X110.8 Y100.8 E13.53972
G0 F6000 X109.949 Y100.049
G1 F1200 X110.09 Y99.908 E13.54934
G1 X109.807 Y100.19 E13.5686
G0 F6000 X109.8 Y100.157
G1 F2700 E8.5686
G0 F300 X109.8 Y100.157 Z0.56
G0 F6000 X110.4 Y100.4
M106 S85
;MESH:2mm cube.stl
G1 F2700 E13.5686
G1 F600 X109.6 Y100.4 E13.60585
G1 X109.6 Y99.6 E13.64311
G1 X110.4 Y99.6 E13.68036
G1 X110.4 Y100.4 E13.71761
G0 F6600 X110.8 Y100.8
G1 F600 X109.2 Y100.8 E13.79211
G1 X109.2 Y99.2 E13.86661
G1 X110.8 Y99.2 E13.94112
G1 X110.8 Y100.8 E14.01562
G0 F6600 X110.53 Y100.53
G0 X110.224 Y99.927
G0 X110.075 Y100.076
G1 F600 X109.934 Y99.934 E14.02814
G1 X109.792 Y99.792 E14.04071
G0 F6600 X109.8 Y99.811
G1 F2700 E9.04071
G0 F300 X109.8 Y99.811 Z0.84
G0 F6600 X110.4 Y100.4
M106 S170
;MESH:2mm cube.stl
G1 F2700 E14.04071
G1 F600 X109.6 Y100.4 E14.07796
G1 X109.6 Y99.6 E14.11521
G1 X110.4 Y99.6 E14.15246
G1 X110.4 Y100.4 E14.18971
G0 F7200 X110.8 Y100.8
G1 F600 X109.2 Y100.8 E14.26422
G1 X109.2 Y99.2 E14.33872
G1 X110.8 Y99.2 E14.41322
G1 X110.8 Y100.8 E14.48772
G0 F7200 X109.949 Y100.049
G1 F600 X110.09 Y99.908 E14.49734
G1 X109.807 Y100.19 E14.51661
G0 F7200 X109.8 Y100.157
G1 F2700 E9.51661
G0 F300 X109.8 Y100.157 Z1.12
G0 F7200 X110.4 Y100.4
M106 S255
;MESH:2mm cube.stl
G1 F2700 E14.51661
G1 F600 X109.6 Y100.4 E14.55386
G1 X109.6 Y99.6 E14.59111
G1 X110.4 Y99.6 E14.62836
G1 X110.4 Y100.4 E14.66561
G0 F7200 X110.8 Y100.8
G1 F600 X109.2 Y100.8 E14.74011
G1 X109.2 Y99.2 E14.81462
G1 X110.8 Y99.2 E14.88912
G1 X110.8 Y100.8 E14.96362
G0 F7200 X110.53 Y100.53
G0 X110.224 Y99.927
G0 X110.075 Y100.076
G1 F600 X109.934 Y99.934 E14.97614
G1 X109.792 Y99.792 E14.98871
G0 F7200 X109.8 Y99.811
G1 F2700 E9.98871
G0 F300 X109.8 Y99.811 Z1.4
G0 F7200 X110.4 Y100.4
;MESH:2mm cube.stl
G1 F2700 E14.98871
G1 F600 X109.6 Y100.4 E15.02596
G1 X109.6 Y99.6 E15.06321
G1 X110.4 Y99.6 E15.10046
G1 X110.4 Y100.4 E15.13772
G0 F7200 X110.8 Y100.8
G1 F600 X109.2 Y100.8 E15.21222
G1 X109.2 Y99.2 E15.28672
G1 X110.8 Y99.2 E15.36122
G1 X110.8 Y100.8 E15.43573
G0 F7200 X109.949 Y100.049
G1 F600 X110.09 Y99.908 E15.44534
G1 X109.807 Y100.19 E15.46461
G0 F7200 X109.8 Y100.157
G1 F2700 E10.46461
G0 F300 X109.8 Y100.157 Z1.68
G0 F7200 X110.4 Y100.4
;MESH:2mm cube.stl
G1 F2700 E15.46461
G1 F600 X109.6 Y100.4 E15.50186
G1 X109.6 Y99.6 E15.53911
G1 X110.4 Y99.6 E15.57636
G1 X110.4 Y100.4 E15.61361
G0 F7200 X110.8 Y100.8
G1 F600 X109.2 Y100.8 E15.68812
G1 X109.2 Y99.2 E15.76262
G1 X110.8 Y99.2 E15.83712
G1 X110.8 Y100.8 E15.91162
G0 F7200 X110.53 Y100.53
G0 X110.224 Y99.927
G0 X110.075 Y100.076
G1 F600 X109.934 Y99.934 E15.92415
G1 X109.792 Y99.792 E15.93671
G0 F7200 X109.8 Y99.811
G1 F2700 E10.93671
G0 F300 X109.8 Y99.811 Z1.96
G0 F7200 X110.4 Y100.4
;MESH:2mm cube.stl
G1 F2700 E15.93671
G1 F600 X109.6 Y100.4 E15.97396
G1 X109.6 Y99.6 E16.01122
G1 X110.4 Y99.6 E16.04847
G1 X110.4 Y100.4 E16.08572
G0 F7200 X110.8 Y100.8
G1 F600 X109.2 Y100.8 E16.16022
G1 X109.2 Y99.2 E16.23472
G1 X110.8 Y99.2 E16.30923
G1 X110.8 Y100.8 E16.38373
G0 F7200 X109.949 Y100.049
G1 F600 X110.09 Y99.908 E16.39335
G1 X109.807 Y100.19 E16.41261
G0 F7200 X109.8 Y100.157
G1 F2700 E11.41261
M140 S0
G91 ;Relative positionning
G1 E-2 F2700 ;Retract a bit
G1 E-2 Z0.2 F2400 ;Retract and raise Z
G1 X5 Y5 F3000 ;Wipe out
G1 Z10 ;Raise Z more
G90 ;Absolute positionning

G1 X0 Y0 ;Present print
M106 S0 ;Turn-off fan
M104 S0 ;Turn-off hotend
M140 S0 ;Turn-off bed

M84 X Y E ;Disable all steppers but Z

M82 ;absolute extrusion mode
M104 S0
;End of Gcode

It looks like the slicer is using absolute coordinates for X, Y, Z, and (most importantly) E.

Your "After print job is paused" code does a relative E of -5. Your "Before print job is resumed" resets E to the "saved pause_position.e".

Assuming that the firmware in the printer is following the Marlin documentation, this all looks correct. While you didn't say specifically, I'm assuming you have a Creality printer because you are using Creality Slicer 4.8.2-279.

Your original problem report of a 20mm retraction is not reflected in the data you have provided. If you can reproduce the problem, try adding M83 after the G91 and M82 after the G90 and see if that fixes it. If not, enabling the serial log, capturing a failure, and then uploading the system info bundle would be very useful.

hi i assumed the logs etc would be no good as i restored octoprint and its working great at the moment , (35.4 KB)
if it does it again i will try to remember to upload the logs etc