Problem with First Print After NEW Install

Hi Guys,

I've been away from 3D printing and Octoprint for over a year. Last week I blew the dust off my CR10S and fitted the EZABL Plus levelling kit - I've been printing great using the this and a direct wired USB connection to my printer.

Today I decided to install OctoPi so I could remotely print - I followed the instructions in a Youtube video and successfully connected from my PC to my CR10S via the Raspberry Pi.

What is the Problem?
When I sent the first small job to print the hotend lowered and tried to keep going marking the surface on the hotbed! In a bit of a panic, I switched the control unit off! Besides the mark on the base, the gantry went out of alignment but I think I can correct this with the motors off by turning the right hand Z screw.
What did you already try to solve it?
I have switched the control unit back on and can alter the height of the gantry up/down from my PC via OctoPi, that's as far as I've got!
Additional information about your setup

  • OctoPrint 1.4.0 running on OctoPi 0.17.0

I'm afraid to send a job to the printer in case it does the same!

Any help/suggestion appreciated.

Also, my Logitech C615 also connected to the Pi didn't display. But that's for another thread in the appropriate section.




For problem isolation: can you home from printer itself?
The ezable normally replaces the z-axis stop, if it's not properly wired functioning, marlin (fw) won't be able to detect where bottom is.

Thanks for the reply Seb, I think I found the problem!
The connector for the Z stop trigger had disconnected from EZABL + interface box!!

All working fine now thanks. Octoprint and plugins is so cool :slight_smile:


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