Problem with tabs and restarts of a printer


What is the problem?
Is there any way to make tabs looks like this? this happen only for few seconds at start of a site

I know about this the way to have only icons (with taborder plugin), but two rows would be ideal for me

Also, there is often a notification that printer restarted. And it is't because I'm doing something. It always takes place at the start of octoprint. Should I be worried?


I use the Themeify plugin which allows you to have a fair amount of control over your CSS (style).

If you're talking about the popup rectangle which indicates that OctoPrint has restarted or is restarting, you shouldn't have to worry about that.


If you mean in the terminal tab something like "external reset detected" then no, if it doesn't restart in the middle of a print then don't worry. Most 3d printer control boards (I don't specifically know about yours though) are based around Arduino technology which will generally reset the control board on serial connection. This behaviour is perfectly normal and is how Arduinos (and thus most 3d printers) are so easily flashed with new firmware without having to resort to manual intervention during programming, or the use of an external programmer.

You should then keep that in mind, don't disconnect/reconnect from your printer while a print is in progress even if you're printing from an sd card attached directly to the printer as that could cause the printer to reset.