Problem with Tapo P100 with docker

Bonjour !

Hi have just installed octoprint on my server using docker (portainer). Now I want to use a connected socket in order to remotely power on/off my printer.
I have installed the pluggin OctoPrint-TapoSmartplug, used the IP adress of the socket and my ID and password but the pluggin still don't work.
Now I'm asking myself if the container method is well setup to use an IP adress. But if I'm right, I don't know how to do it...

Can someone help me?
Thank you !

I don't personally know how to assist you with the docker configuration, but it is most assuredly because the container is isolated from a network perspective and can't call out to the plug to control it.

Does anyone have a solution ? I'm looking on the internet but don't find anything...

You might try the support-docker channel in the OctoPrint Discord server.