Problem with webcam resolution

Hi, I have a problem with the streaming of my webcam in octoprint.

The webcam works perfectly, but the only problem is that it is a 16:9 webcam but on the section "control" of octoprint I see it compressed to a 4:3, vertically stretched , with 2 black stripes on the left and right (as you can see in the picture attached).

How can I set the right resolution and remove the 2 black stripes?

I tried to look for soething in the settings but i didn't solve anything.

Hope someone can help me.

I have octoprint 1.4.2, raspberry pi 4, anycubic chiron.!

Immagine 2020-10-13 223914|690x451

Take a look at this post for details on configuration of mjpg-streamer :point_down:

Once you have changed the settings, use sudo service webcamd restart to restart the streamer.

Thanks for reply.
I tried but nothing. The problem is not the configuration of my webcam, but how I see the video.

Do you know other ways to solve it? :grinning: